jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Lima has one of the oldest bullfight Plazas in the world

Maybe you do not like bullfights, but if you want to have a unique experience, go to one.
In Peru you will find bullfights around the year at many towns and cities. Almost all local celebrations have at least one or two bullfights programmed in their activities.
Lima has one of the oldest bullfight Plazas in the world, its called the Plaza de Acho and was built in 1766 by the Viceroy Amat.Since 1946 the Feria del Señor de los Milagros happens between October and November of each year.This Feria is probably the most renowned after the Ferias in Spain.
This year 2011 the Feria will start on 2nd Novemberand will end on th December, with five events programmed.The best bullfighters in the world are featured in the program.
They will all be disputing the Escapulario de Oro which is given to the best "faena" done by a bullfighter and the Escapulario de Plata which is awarded to the best bull farm (ganaderia)
Tickets can be obtained at Teleticket shops which are located at the Wong and Metro Supermarkets chain. Tickets on the Sol side are much cheaper than the ones located on the Sombra side. Most  of the experienced bullfight aficionados normally go to Sol area.
Many restaurants offer special menus before the bullfight and will take you on a bus to the Plaza de Acho (check the newspapers for this offers). This is highly recommended as you will be much safer. The Plaza is not located in a very nice neighborhood and going with a group of people will make you feel much safer and you will enjoy it more.

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